Hey there!

I'm Corey Rossi

I’m an Interaction Designer graduate from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia and I will always express myself through colorful outfits and accessories. I'm passionate about exploring the boundaries of creative spaces through Interaction Design.

My Personal Interests

In my free time I like to pursue hobbies that allow me to explore digital spaces in different ways.

Streaming on Twitch

Streaming games on Twitch has been especially beneficial to me during the COVID epidemic. I have the good fortune to play games with people around the world and build a community in spite of physical isolation. Twitch is a great way for any community to stay connected.

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Podcasting provides a structure for exchanging ideas one-on-one and staying connected with a close friend at a long distance. Our goal to talk about our experience as teenagers in the late 2000's/ early 2010's has been both cathartic and comedic. I recommend everyone try to start a podcast!

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